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Traditional Chinese folk art Sugar Figure Blowing Art reappeared



 Blow and nip, a cube of sugar turns into a lively animal.

An old artist can make a piece of boiled sugar into various animals by blowing and nipping. In recent years, some old traditional folk arts those we keep in memory appear in the streets again. As the folk art reappeared, it can not only fulfill the culture life of people but also get a new way to develop it.

The old artist told the reporter that he learnt this craft 40 years ago from a relative in Henan province. It was fairly welcomed in the 1970s although people were suffering from a shortage of supplies at that time. With time goes by, these old craftswere ignored day by day, while in recent years, with the inheritance and conservation of the non-material culture heritage, a great many of them reappeared among us and the government provide positive protection which leads to the reinvigoration of the old folk art.

The old man also said that he is not only selling Sugar Figure, but also going to take part in many folk art activities of our city and in this way, he would popularized the non-materialculture heritage and learn a lot as well.


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