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Swans fly through Nanhai wetland

It becomes warmer, swans fly through Nanhai Wetland, Baotou.

Migrant birds settle in warm spring

Baotou Naihai wetland nature reserve welcomes the first batch of migratory birds.

Shimen scenic spot offers free entry for 2 months

Shimen scenic spot will offer free admission to tourists from Jan 1 to Mar 1 to boost tourism, according to a Jan 2 Baotou Daily report.

Nanhai Wetland scenic area wins national recognition

Nanhai Wetland scenic area has been selected as one of the 54 National Water Scenic Areas in China, according to a Dec 3 Baotou Daily report.

Wan Hao International Hotel

On 27th and 28th floor there is a Fitness Center and 28 Chess Rooms, where have installed automatic equipment for shuffling ...


Xianggelila Hotel Address: No. 66 of East Minzu Road ,Qingshan District TEL: 0472-5998888

Travel agency

Baotou Mengzhilu Travel Agency Address: Zhenhua Community, East MinzuRoad, Qingshan District TEL:0472-5996606/5996696