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Baotou metro take you to the airport

Description:Metro provides another way of transportation that completes the city transportation system.

In recent years, as the development of economy, and the rapid construction of the city, it shows a closer connection between cities. Travel by air is a good choice for tourists. The city of Baotou now has become an important transportation junction in northern China. Baotou Daily reports on Dec 7.

Dueto the airport is a bit far from the down town, it take a long time for people to get there. While rush hour makes people have to undertake high taxi fee.

According to the city construction plan, line1 will connect the urban city with the airport which is quite a convenient way for the residents.

In the future, metro provides another way of transportation that completes thecity transportation system and new comprehensive, efficient, and economic transportation network and meets the needs of the city.

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