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Food recommendation: Shaomai


Food recommendation Shaomai

”Eat in Donghe, have fun in Hondlon.” is the common sense of people living in Baotou. 

Every morning, in each Shoamai restaurant, you can always see the olds eating Shaomai, drinking tea and chatting a whole morning freely.

Why Donghe Shaomai is so charming? It looks like Baozi, but cute with thin cover, the filling is chopped mutton with ingredients including green onion, ginger in Northern China. After several minutes’ steam, Shaomai is cooked and if you taste one, you will never forget the good taste of it.

      Shaomai is considered to have originated in Huhhot, Inner Mongolia, between Ming Dynasty and Qing Dynasty. As described by historical materials, Shaomai was served in tea houses as a secondary product. The name was given "捎卖", meaning the product was "sold as a sideline", with tea. It is considered to have been brought to Beijing and Tianjin by merchants from Shanxi, causing it's later widespread. The name was later transformed into modern forms like "烧麦", "稍美" and "烧卖", changing the characters while keeping the original pronunciation. The product was initially in the form of meat and vegetables wrapped in thin sheets, and were sold weighing only the wrapper, a tradition which is still kept in Huhhot. Actually, a modern dish of Shaomai nominally 50 grams weighs 300 grams on average.

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