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IMUST (Inner Mongolia University of Science and Technology), formerly Baotou University of Iron & Steel, is situated in Baotou, the beautiful “Steel City on the Grassland”. Its size and name under went many changes; the fore runners of IMUST were Baotou Steel & Iron Technical School and Baotou Architectural Engineering School that were respectively founded in 1956. Two years later, these two school smerged into Baotou Technical School. In 1960, it was renamed Baotou University of Iron and Steel Technology under the direct administration of the then Ministry of Metallurgical Industry, P.R.C.. In 1998, it was brought under the administration of Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region. Since then, it has become a university under the joint efforts of the central and local government. In 2000, Inner Mongolia Coal Industrial College was incorporated in the university. In 2003, it took its current name: Inner Mongolia University of Science and Technology. In 2013, it was authorized by the Academic Degrees Committee of the State Council to confer PhD degrees.

Due to its continuous construction and development of 55 years, so far, IMUST has boomed into amulti-disciplinary university that is characterized by such specialties asmetallurgy, mining, coal and rare earths research and application. While focusing on engineering field, it maintains balanced disciplinary development of engineering, science, humanities, management, law and art. At present, the university covers a total area of 1.13 million square meters, with a floor area of 58 thousand square meters. It is well-equipped with various teaching, experiment and sports facilitates. Its wired campus network covers all the teaching buildings, offices, and faculty-student living areas; it also has a wireless campus network covering the main teaching areas, laboratories and offices. The modernized university library boasts 1. 02 million books, periodicals and newspapers, as well as 3.76 million e-books and 30 thousand e-periodicals in Chinese and foreign languages. It is the most comprehensive library with the largest resources and best service in Baotou.

IMUST has 1 state key laboratory cultivation base jointly constructed by Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region and the Ministry of Education, 1 MOE key laboratory jointly constructedby Inner Mongolia and the Ministry of Education, 2 Academician and Expert Workstations, 10 Autonomous Regional level key laboratories, 6 Autonomous Regional level Key Engineering Research Centers, 1 Autonomous Regional level Productivity Promotion Center, 1 Autonomous Regional level Key Research Institute of Humanities and Social Sciences in Universities, 8 university-enter prise collaborative experimental bases, 1 Engineering Training Center, and 75 laboratories. It comprises 7 Autonomous Regional level key disciplines, 2 key cultivation disciplines, 12 first-level disciplines for master's degree granting, 10 second-rate disciplines for master's degree granting and 9 degree-granting programs for master of engineering.

IMUST offers 63 undergraduate programs, among which Metallurgical Engineering has been approved as a pilot program for Comprehensive Reform of National Undergraduate Programs;4 are state-level featured programs, including Metallurgical Engineering, Mining Engineering, Automation and Rare Earth Engineering; 19 are Autonomous Regional level namebrand programs, namely, Metallurgical Engineering, Material Engineering, Mineral Resources Engineering, Automation, Mechanical Design Manufacturing & Automation, Architectural Environment & Equipment Engineering, Chemical Engineering & Technology, Water and Wastewater Engineering, Architecture, Biological Engineering, Environmental Engineering, Computer Science & Technology, Thermal Energy & Power Engineering, Detection Technology & Equipment, Safety Engineering, Applied Physics, Process Equipment & Control Engineering, and Business Administration. In2008, 11 of IMUST programs were ranked among the first batch of undergraduate programs to recruit students in Inner Mongolia, including Mining Engineering, Rare Earth Engineering, Metallurgical Engineering, Material Forming & Control Engineering, Metallic Materials Engineering, Mechanical Design Manufacturing & Automation, Civil Engineering, Architecture, Electrical Engineering& Automation, Automation, and Process Equipment & Control Engineering.

IMUST comprises 15 schools,1700 full-time teachers and over 25,000 students. Among the staff, 204 have senior professional titles and 516 have sub-senior professional titles; over 80% of the faculty have master’s degrees or PhD degrees; in addition, there 2 selected candidates of the national Bai QianWan Talent Program, 1 winner of the National Science Fund for Distinguished Young Scholars, 1 Distinguished Professor of the Changjiang Scholars Program, 1 member of the Thousand Talents Plan of the Organization Department of the CPC Central Committee, 1 winner of the MOE Award for Outstanding Young University Teachers, 7 winners of such awards or titles as “ National May Day Medal”, “National Model Teacher”, and “National Outstanding Teacher”, 28 selected for the “Special Allowance of the State Council”, 88 award winners of such awards or honorary titles that include the Out standing Contribution Award in the drive of “Rejuvenation of the Autonomous Region Through Science and Education”, the Wulanhu Foundation Award, the Award of Prominent Contribution in West Inner Mongolia Development, the Grassland Talents Project Award, the Distinguished Talents of Inner Mongolia S&T Innovation, Young and Middle-Aged Experts of Prominent Contributions in Inner Mongolia, and Teaching Celebrities of Inner Mongolia.

Since education is its central task, IMUST is constantly pursuing education and teaching reform. According to both the characteristics of disciplinary development and social requirements to the talents, it has carefully made a scientific education plan and teaching management system, which contribute to a perfect monitoring system of teaching quality, hence the steady increase of the teaching quality. Since 2006, 39 of its subjects offered in IMUST have been appraised successively as top-quality courses at the Autonomous Regional level, which include Advanced Mathematics and College English. Nine laboratories, such as the physics laboratory and that of the Teaching Center, have been ranked as demonstration centers of experiment teaching at the Autonomous Regional level.

IMUST has been proactively conducting scientific researches in the main field of the Chinese economic construction.Since 2006, the university has had one state-level innovation team in selected areas of priority, one innovation team of the Ministry of Education, seven regional-level innovation teams and has brought in one innovation team. It currently undertakes 1,669 projects, 177 among are under programs as follows: the 973 Program, 863 Program, National Science and Technology Support Program, National Natural Science Foundation of China, Program of NNSFC, National Defense Industry Program, International Cooperation Program, Program of the Ministry of Environmental Protection, Program of the NSSF and Program of the Ministry of Education. There are also 504 provincial level projects. Up to now, IMUST faculties have published 379 monographs or textbooks and 8206 papers, of which 1,171 have been indexed in SCI, EI, and ISTP. In addition, among the 292 patent applications they made for their inventions, the faculty and students of IMUST have been granted 204 patents, of which one patent received a second prize of the National Science & Technology Progress Award. Thirty-four patents received provincial-level science and technology awards, two first prizes of Inner Mongolia Science & Technology Progress Award, and one Inner Mongolia National Science & Technology Progress Award. Further more, three faculty members were awarded the Science & Technology Award for Young and Middle-aged Talents of Inner Mongolia. In 2006, IMUST was granted the award of “Excellent Collective with Prominent Contribution in the Rejuvenation of the Autonomous Region Through Science and Education”; in 2008, IMUST was rated as a “Technology Innovation-Guided University”; in 2010, the university was rated as a national pilot establishment of intellectual property.

IMUST attaches great importance to domestic and international cooperation and exchange. So far, it has established cooperative ties with many businesses, colleges, and research institutes, such as Baotou Iron & Steel Group, Shanghai Baosteel Group Corporation, Taiyuan Iron & Steel Group, Beijing University of Science and Technology, Northeastern University (China), Chongqing University, Xi`an University of Architecture and Technology and other universities of the U.S.A., the U.K.,Australia, Germany, Sweden, and Japan. A group of renowned Chinese and international academicians have been recruited or invited to IMUST to be adjunct professorsor to have academic exchanges. Among these academic elites are Li Guan-xing, Yang Shu-zi, Gu Bing-lin, Chen Li-quan, Peng Su-ping, Xue Qi-kun, and Heinrich Rohrer, winner of the 1986 Nobel Prize in Physics. Meanwhile, a number of key staff members have been sent abroad for further development, to execute cooperative research programs, or to attend international conferences.

Adhering to the concept of people-orientedness and putting top priority on quality education in its talent cultivation, IMUST strives to cultivate students with an innovative spirit and practical abilities through various channels. Since 2009, students of IMUST have participated in various competitions, such as the National College Students Extracurricular Science and Technology Works Competition, Business Plan Competition, and the National Undergraduate Electronic Design Competition, and won 400 provincial and ministerial-level 3rd prizes and above, 159 of which are at the national level. Up to now, forty-three of the students’ papers have been published and forty-five items of their new practical inventions have been granted patents. All of these have been included in the “Collection of IMUST Students’ Prize-winning Technology Works” (4 volumes) and “Projects and Achievements of IMUST Li Baowei Scientific and Technological Innovation Fund for College Students” (1 volume). IMUST won first place in the team event of the 5th “Challenge Cup” Inner Mongolia College Students Business Plan Competition in 2010, and the second place in the 7th “Challenge Cup” Inner Mongolia College Students Extracurricular Academic Science and Technology Work Competition in 2011. One year later, IMUST brought back home the Challenge Cup,the highest award for Inner Mongolia College Students Business Plan Competition. Twice, it won the championship of the undergraduate group in the Inner Mongolia College Students Debating Contest in 2010 and 2012. It was also in 2012 that the newly-formed Mongolian team won the second place in the above-mentioned event.

In domestic and inter national arenas, IMUST students have won 295 medals, which include 8 gold medals ininternational sporting events, 21 gold medals in national events, and 118 gold medals in provincial competitions. In particular, in the 2010 National College Students Athletic Championship, IMUST Athletic Team won sixth place; in the half marathon competition in the 26th Summer Universiade, Shenzhen in 2012, the Chinese team made up of IMUST athletes won the silver medal. In the 9th National University Games (NUG), which was held in Tianjin in 2012, for the first time, IMUST was awarded the President’s Trophy, the highest award of this sports event. In 2006, IMUST was unanimously ranked as an “Advanced Establishmentin the National Social Practice” by the Publicity Department of the CPC, the Civilization Office of the CCPC, the Ministry of Education, the Communist Youth League Central Committee and All-China Students Federation.

IMUST enrolls students from 30 provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities, with Inner Mongolia as its main target; therefore, it enjoys a diverse student body. Because they are quick in mastering the skills required, committed to their jobs, and always full of staying power, the IMUST graduates have been receiving extensive favorable comments from employers. That explains why the employment rate of the graduates of IMUST ranks so high, compared with that of other universities in Inner Mongolia. In 2000 and 2009, IMUST was selected as an “Advanced Group of National Ordinary University Graduates Employment”. In 2007, it was listed as a“Key Recruitment Target for China’s Large Enterprise Groups”. In 2010, IMUST ranked among the “Top 50 Experienced Universities with Typical Experience in College Graduates Employment”. In 2012, the university was honored by the State Council with the title of “Excellent Establishment of Graduates Employment Work”.

IMUST firmly up holds the leadership of the Party, firmly maintains the socialist orientation of school management, and unremittingly emphasizes the construction of the Party’s ideology, organizationand style. Meanwhile, it vigorously strengthens its comprehensive security management, with forging a peaceful campus as its focus, conscientiously safe guarding political stability and order on campus. Due to its outstanding achievements in this respect, it has been granted such titles as “Excellent University in Ideology Work, Inner Mongolia”, “Garden-like School in Inner Mongolia”, “Excellent Collective in Comprehensive Management of University Security, Inner Mongolia” and “Model Establishment in Baotou”.

As a reform pilot of Internal Management System in Inner Mongolia Universities, IMUST has been pushing reform in its management system. In this reform, great emphasis is laid on the leadership of the Secretary of the Party Committee, the full responsibility of the President, democratic management and the scholarly pursuit of the professors. Adhering to the campus spirit “Ceaselessly strive along with bold pioneering spirit” and the motto of “Expertise After Hard Practice”, IMUST is working persistently to build itself into a multi-disciplinary university with distinctive features.


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