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Brief Introduction of Baogang Group

Description:Baogang is an important iron and steel industrial base and the largest rare earth industrial base in China and the biggest industrial enterprise in Inner Mongolia.



Baogang is an important iron and steel industrial base and the largest rare earth industrial base in China and the biggest industrial enterprise in Inner Mongolia. The headquarter locates in Hexi Industrial Zone, Baotou, Inner Mongolia. It was established in 1954 and reorganized in 1998 with two listed companies, Baogang Share and Baogang RareEarth. The total asset of the Group is 57.2 billion Yuan by the end of 2007.

Unique resource. Baiyunebo Mine is a world famous mineral intergrowth with ironand rare earth. The iron reserve takes the first place in Northwest area of China and the Rare earth reserve takes the first place in the world, niobiumand thorium the second place in the world. Baotou is extolled as the Capital of World Rare Earth because of Baiyunebo Mine.

Ten million tons Iron and steel capability. Baogang owns the world-class production lines that can produce cold and hot rolling strip, heavy plate, seamless pipe, heavy rail, large scale shaped beam, bar and wire rod. Baogang is one of the three rail producing bases in China, one of the seamless pipe producing bases with the completive varieties and specifications in China and the biggest CSP production base in Northwest of China.

Decisive role of rare earth industry in home and abroad. The output of rare earth oxide takes 40% of the domestic market, the production ability of Nd-Fe-B, negative powder and polishing powder takes 20% of the domestic market, the Metal Praseodymium and Neodymium takes 30% of the domestic market. Baogang has the national authoritative rare earth research Institute: Baogang RareEarth Research Institute and Ruike National Engineering Center of Rare Earth Metallurgy and Function Materials. It has provided the α magnetic spectrographfor American Space Shuttle Discovery as well as the important magnetic material for China Shenzhou space aircraft and Chang’e I carrier racket.

Improvement through science and self innovation. Two technical achievements in CSP and high speed rail have won the 2nd award of National Award for Scienceand Technology. CSP Plant is the first training base in Asia and second in the world for SMS Germany as well as the grinding machine training base in China for Pomini Italy. Baogang has provided the technical supervision and support in CSP and seamless pipe production to foreign companies.

Quality improvement and famous brand strategy. Many products such as hot rolledstrip and seamless pipe has got the international authentication. The rail and seamless pipe has been awarded the Chinese Famous Brand Product. The seamless pipe has been determined as the exempted product by General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine. The series rare earth product with Baiyuebo Brand is famous all over the world.

Opening and cooperation, Win-win development. Baogang signed the strategicalliance structure agreement with Baoshan Iron & Steel (Group) Co., Ltd. and strength the strategic partnership with the raw material suppliers in home and abroad. The sale net covers all over the country. There are sale subsidiaries and after-sale service offices in 13 provinces and sale branches in Japan, USA and so on.

Energy saving and environment protection. Baogang has been appointed as one of the first group recycling experimental units and established the eco-industrial park. It is the first company that uses the blast furnace dry dedusting method in this industry. Baogang takes the first place in Chinese top 50 Energy Green Enterprises Award.

Target of sale income and total asset value by the end of 11th Five-Year Period: 10 billion USD respectively. Baogang will insist on the product mix optimizing to strength the pipe, tap the plate potential and make the adjustment on long product so as to realize the development focus changing from scale to both competitive product and scale. It will insist on the opening to the outside to realize the change from the ego developing to opening developing. It will look the science and management innovation as the supporting to realize the improvement focus changing from hardware equipment to both hardware and soft ability. It will focus on the energy saving and pollutant reduction to realize the total system improvement.

Baogang would like to make friends all over the world to create the bright future.

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