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Description:Leather Leather processing and leather manufacturing is another traditional industry of Baotou.


Iron and Steel

The iron and steel industry is the pillar industry in Baotou. The Baotou Iron and Steel Group Co. Ltd., is one of the largest iron and steel companies in China. Its total capital is RMB24.18 billion yuan and it can produce 4.89 million tons of iron and steel and 4.57 million tons of iron and steel products every year. These products are of high quality, and are manufactured in 38 models with 1002 different specifications. The special alloy steel produced bythe Inner Mongolian No.2 Machinery Plant has reached advanced international level.




Rare-earth industry is Baotou's leading industry and will be the key industry for further development. At present, there are 18 rare-earth enterprises,including the Rare-Earth High-Tech Co. Ltd. of Baotou Iron and Steel Group,which produce a mixture of rare earth and metal products in 80 varieties and 200 specifications. The Rare Earth Research Institute of Baotou is China'slargest comprehensive rare-earth research institute, and has achieved more than 70 research results up to both national and international advanced standards. Established with the approval of the State Council, Baotou Rare-earth High-Tech Development Area has been put into regular operation. Many high-tech projects including the rare earth nickel-hydrogen cell and the rare earth permanent-magnet generator for motor-bikes have just commenced operations.



Nonferrous Metals

Aluminum is the main nonferrous metal smelted in Baotou. Every year , Baotou' s aluminum Company produces 136,800 tons of aluminum ingots and 3,000 tons of aluminum materials. Other nonferrous metals smelted here include carbon (63,000tons ayear),copper (6,000 tons a year), zinc (2,000 tons a year),magnesium (4,000tons a year) and gold (915,000 grams a year).Baotou Aluminum Company is one ofthe eight largest aluminum smelting enterprises in the country, and meets national advanced level in all requirements.



Machinery and Heavy-Duty Automobile Manufacture

There are over 200 machinery enterprises in Baotou, manufacturing different engineering machinery and machinery used to excavate ore and oil. The products sell well both in China and abroad. North Benz Heavy Duty Track Company, founded by introducing German Benz technology to No.1 Machinery Plant of Inner Mongolia,has the capacity of producing 6, 000 heavy-duty trucks of 8-20 tons annually and has become one of the three largest heavy-duty automobiles producers in China.The No.2 Machinery Plant of Inner Mongolia now produces 300 Terex self-loading heavy-duty trucks of 35-120 tons annually, after making cooperation with British and American companies.







Chemical Industry

There are 30 chemical industry enterprises in Baotou which mainly produce sulphuric acid, calcium carbonize, fertilizer, different forms of chloride and so on. The Baotou Huanghe Chemical Company Limited is the largest enterprise to export calcium carbonize and one of the largest enterprises to produce synthetic phenol in China. Many of its products have found a ready market bothat home and abroad.


Electric Power

Baotou and its surrounding area are rich in coal resources .The coal reserves here account for a quarter of the nation's total. The total installed capacity of the city's three thermal power plants reach 900,000 KW. The largest thermalpower plant in Asia, the Dalate Electric Power Plant has an installed capacityof 5 million KW. It provides sufficient electricity for the economic development of Baotou.




The electronic industry is now an important industry in Baotou, newly rising inthe last 10 years. Among the main enterprises there are the Huazi Computer Company, the Baotou Electronic Equipment Plant, the DeLi Electronic Company and the Chenlu Electronic's Company. They produce electronic products, such asquartz crystal resonators, single-chip wave filters, and electrical resistances, which have been exported to America, Korea, HongKong and Taiwan.


The textile industry is another supporting industry in Baotou. It includes cotton, wool and linen spinning, and the knitting, printing and dyeing of textiles. The main textiles enterprises are the Baotou Jiujiu Group Ltd., Inner Mongolian King Deer Cashmere Corporation, and Baotou Sumengte Linen Textile Corporation Ltd. The well-known Inner Mongolion King Deer Corporation has atotal capital of 1.6 billion yuan and produces knitted textiles, woven textile sand clothing in over 60 varieties and more than 1000 specifications. Some ofthe products have won dozens of national and international prizes. The export quantity takes up a quarter of China's total cashmere export and the sales take up 32.5% of the domestic market.


Leather processing and leather manufacturing is another traditional industry of Baotou. Since 1995, with the introduction of internationally advanced techniques and equipment and various reforms and improvements, great changes have taken place in the whole leather industry. The Dongbao Industry & Commerce Group Company deals with 6 product series of leather skirts, genuine leather handbags and leather ties, which sell well in Europe and America. King Deer Leather Group Company has an annual processing capacity of 400,000 piecesof cow clothes and one million pieces of sheepskins with high proficiency. It also produces one million pairs of high -grade leather shoes and 300,000 items of leather clothing a year.

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