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The List of Designated Hospitals for 2019-nCoV Treatment in Inner Mongolia


In Hohhot

Hospital: The Fourth Hospital of Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region

Contact number: 13347121699

Address: 2.5 kilometers south of the intersection of 101 Provincial Highway and 110 National Highway in Hohhot

Hospital: The Second Hohhot Municipal Hospital

Contact number: 15661250122

Address: No 1 Wuliying, South Road of Shiyangqiao, Yuquan district, Hohhot

In Baotou

Hospital: The Third Baotou Municipal Hospital

Contact number: 0472—2624022

Address: Kangfu Road, Hedong district, Baotou

In Hulunbuir

Hospital: The Second Hulunbuir Municipal Hospital

Contact number: 0470—3204971

Address: No 31, Yalu Street, Zhalantun city, Hulunbuir

In Hinggan League

Hospital: The Third People’s Hospital of Hinggan League

Contact number: 0482—2776010

Address: The east of the Chengbei Road Vocational and Technical College in Ulaanhot

In Tongliao

Hospital: Tongliao Infectious Disease Hospital

Contact number: 15648537560

Address: No 617 Tienan Tongxing Road, Horqin district, Tongliao

In Chifeng

Hospital: Chifeng Infectious Disease Hospital

Contact number: 0476—8667660

Address: No 51 Sandaodong Street, Hongshan, Chifeng

In Xiliin Gol League

Hospital:The Xiliin Gol League Central Hospital

Contact number: 0479—8240560

Address: No 9, Nadamu Street, Xiliinhot

In Ulaanqab

Hospital: The Fourth Ulaanqab Municipal Hospital

Contact number: 0474—8985738

Address: Next to Tucheng on the No 110 National Road, Baihaizi Town, Jining district

In Ordos

Hospital: The Second Ordos People’s Hospital

Contact number: 15049461120 (the Konggang department)

13654777887 (the Dongsheng department)


Intersection of No 5 Wei Road and No 4 Jing Road in Ordos Airport Logistics Park (the Konggang department)

No 48, Yongxing Road, Dongsheng districr, Ordos (the Dongsheng department)

In Bayannuur

Hospital:Bayannuur Municipal Infectious Disease Hospital

Contact number: 0478—8523437

Address: No 705, Nanxiang Village Road, Linhe district, Bayannuur

In Wuhai

Hospital: Wuhai People's Hospital

Contact number: 0473—2038994

Address: No 29, Huanghe East Street, Habowan district, Wuhai

In Alshaa League

Hospital: Alshaa League Central Hospital

Contact number: 0483—8770794

Address: Yabulai East Road, Xinchen East districr, Bayanhot, Alshaa Left Banner, Alshaa League