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National Fitness Day, Moves Together

Description:August 8th is the 11th National Fitness day.

August 8th is the 11th National Fitness day. On the morning of the 8th, Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region National Fitness Day activities, healthy Baotou construction theme activities and radio gymnastics, workshop gymnastics, elderly square dance competition were held at the football training ground of the Baotou Olympic Sports Center. The activities are sponsored by Baotou Healthy City Working Leading Group, Baotou Sports Bureau, Baotou Health Committee, Baotou Sports Federation and Baotou Old People's Sports Association, and co-sponsored by the Cultural, Tourism, Radio and Television Bureau of each county. More than 1000 people from each county and enterprise participated in the activities. In recent years, the national fitness activities in Baotou have achieved fruitful results. Leading by large-scale brand events such as "walking together on Saturdays" and "three small balls" contest, supplemented by small diversified fitness activities, the national fitness activities will be extended to counties and district, communities, enterprises and institutions, so that more people can enjoy sports culture feast in sports. (包头日报社实习编辑:薛舒玲)