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Tumd Right Banner aims to leave tourists relaxed

A sea of flowers covered a summer lotus flower planting base in Tumd Right Banner, Aug 13.

Tumd Right Banner upgrades urban facilities

Tumd Right Banner has been upgrading its facilities and promoting its urban construction to become a more livable city.

Xilamuren flowers sea garden open

Xilamuren flowers sea garden project open to the public on June 30.

Tumd Right Banner hosts ovoo cultural festival

A folk performance was staged at Tumd Right Banner’s fourth ovoo cultural festival opening on June 28.

National hotel service competition concludes in Baotou

A total of 106 participants divided into 37 teams competed in the hotel service sector of the National Vocational Student Skills Competition held in Baotou, North China’s Inner Mongolia autonomous region, from June 11 to 12, reports Baotou Daily.

Wan Hao International Hotel

On 27th and 28th floor there is a Fitness Center and 28 Chess Rooms, where have installed automatic equipment for shuffling ...


Xianggelila Hotel Address: No. 66 of East Minzu Road ,Qingshan District TEL: 0472-5998888

Travel agency

Baotou Mengzhilu Travel Agency Address: Zhenhua Community, East MinzuRoad, Qingshan District TEL:0472-5996606/5996696