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Baotou company completes PV project

A pylon of Wuhai Ningsheng 50MW photovoltaic power station, the first photovoltaic power project undertaken by Baotou Qingshan Electrical Equipment Co, has been successfully connected to the power grid.

First national rare earth pigment test base set for Baotou

Baotou Hongbo Te Technology Co, a Baotou-based rare earth pigment developer, is to cooperate with Elion Resources Group on a rare earth environmentally-friendly pigment application development test base, with a strategic cooperation agreement signed.

Baotou-based truck manufacturer wins Cuban contract

Funded by seven companies including China North Industries Group, China North Industries Corporation, and Inner Mongolia Fir...

Graphene project worth 4b yuan planned for Baotou

Baotou, Inner Mongolia autonomous region, is to ally with an equity fund management company from Shenzhen on a graphene research and production base costing 4 billion yuan.

Denitration catalyst project aims to clean up smoke

Baotou saw a new breakthrough in rare earth catalytic materials as the denitration catalyst project began on Nov 6.

Emerging industry booms

Baotou Equipment and Manufacturing Industrial Park fasten the cultivation and development of emerging industries.

Baotou has national-level makerspaces

The Ministry of Science and Technology started to approve national-level makerspaces in 2015, in order to encourage local science and technology departments to recommend makerspaces that are being particularly well-managed.

North China firm working with Ethiopian partner on rail project

Baotou North Pioneering Co Ltd has joined forces with NORINCO International Cooperation Co Ltd.

Clean energy provides billion kWh of power in the Darhan Muminggan Banner in Q1

Darhan Muminggan Banner, electric power from clean energy sources up to 1 billion kilowatt hours this year.

Project of new energy auto industry

From the environmentally aware, this project aims to promote energy conservation by exploiting and producing medium-size new energy trucks, light cars and coaches.