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Low fluorine brick tea is preferable by people

Low fluorine brick tea, popularized by nine departments of Inner Mongolia has appeared on the market in Jiuyuan district.

Jiuyuan catering service back to business

Chinese food is popular by local people while some fast food restaurants are welcomed at the same time.

Catering industry resumes business

The catering service industry of the city has gradually resume business.

The first food festival of Hohhot Hangeer intangible heritage food experience base opens

July 28, Hohhot Hangeer intangible heritage food experience base’s first food festival opens at Hohhot Hangeer traditional Mongolian hotpot restaurant.

New hospital to open by year-end in Baotou, Inner Mongolia

The Shiguai District People's Hospital in Baotou’s Shiguai district, North China’s Inner Mongolia autonomous region, is scheduled to open at the end of 2020, with construction on the project accelerating.

Baotou hospital installs super high-tech imaging equipment

A new super high-tech machine -- that can take and transmit magnetic resonance imaging, or MRI and which can be moved and easily assembled outside conventional hospitals -- was recently installed at Baogang Third Hospital in Baotou.

25 Baotou medics to make virus control efforts in Hohhot

A total of 25 medical staff members from four medical institutions in Baotou -- the city in North China’s Inner Mongolia autonomous region -- headed for the capital of Hohhot on May 11 for a COVID-19 prevention and control task.

42 medical workers who aid in Hubei province released from medical isolation

Among the 42 medical workers, 38 are from No.3 Hospital, 4 from Baotou Central Hospital.

Business Circles

Baotou Department Store l the only prefecture-level shopping center of Baotou l locates on Gangtie Street, Kundulun District.


Yong sheng cheng Supermarket Linyin Store Address: No. 18 of Youyi, South Linyin Road, KundulunDistrict Tel: 0472-2328822

Baotou city launches direct flight to East China’s Jinan

Baotou Airport in Baotou city on Aug 3 started operating a new air route to Jinan, capital of East China’s Shandong province, in another example of the airport’s expansion and resumption of services.

Baotou Airport reopens flight to Wuhan

Baotou Airport reopens flight to Wuhan since August 1.

Baotou Airport adds more flights

Baotou Airport has coordinated with airlines to continue increasing and resuming flights from June 28 -- to help resume work and operations and meet the travel needs of the general public, according to a report in the Baotou Daily.

Wudangzhao General aviation airports will come into service on August

The Wudangzhao General aviation airports is anticipated come into service on August.

Children are taken a patriotic education class

Baotou Science and technology children's Palace held a September 18 Incident commemorative education activity.

Dental class for the kindergarten children

September 20 is the national day for dental care of China.

Variety of activities are held on the 36th teacher’s Day

September 10 is the 36th Chinese Teacher’s Day.

A vibrant scene in primary school

On Jiuyuan Mongolian primary school maths class, the teacher integrates mathematical knowledge into beautiful images.