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Low cost and prospect market

Strong technology and rich talents

Baotou has rich human resource and strong capacity of scientific research. A host of high-quality professional technicians and managers were trained and educated in the long history of Baotou being as an industrial city.

Sound industrial foundation

As a typical industrial city, Baotou develops several pillar industries led by metallurgy, machinery, heavy-duty automobile manufacture,rare earth, electronic power, chemistry, organic foods.

Excellent geographical location

Baotou, lies in the north of northern China, is the hinterland of Bohai-Rim Economic Circle and the tri-angular Huhhot-Baotou-Ordos area.

Loan guarantee center for college graduates

A start-up loan guarantee center targeting college graduates was launched in Baotou, Inner Mongolia autonomous region, on Oct 26.

Employment measures target college graduates

Baotou will launch targeted job fairs and enact preferential policies for startups, inorder to assist in the employment of college graduates.

Settle in Hohhot and Baotou will be easier

After the notification is published, it will be easier to settle in Hohhot and Baotou.

Baogang Group sees profits grow in H1

Baogang Group reported a profit of 681 million yuan ($99.65 million) during the first half of 2018, according to a July 26 Baotou Daily report.

Baogang Group sets new record in export volume

Baogang Group marked new progress in its steel product exports with 1.34 million tons of steel products exported to 51 countries during the first ten months of 2017, Baotou Daily reported on Nov 15.

Baotou to mark progress in rare earth magnetic materials

Baotou, the largest industrial city of North China’s Inner Mongolia autonomous region, is expected to produce 30,000 tons of rare earth magnetic materials annually by 2020, according to local media.

E-commerce turnover hits 40b yuan

Baotou in North China’s Inner Mongolia autonomous region, marked new progress in its development of ecommerce

27.83b yuan to support key projects in service sector

Jiuyuan district of Baotou, North China’s Inner Mongolia autonomous region, has confirmed 20 key projects in the service sector for 2018 which are to draw an investment of 27.83 billion yuan ($4.08 billion).

Baotou company completes PV project

A pylon of Wuhai Ningsheng 50MW photovoltaic power station, the first photovoltaic power project undertaken by Baotou Qingshan Electrical Equipment Co, has been successfully connected to the power grid.

First national rare earth pigment test base set for Baotou

Baotou Hongbo Te Technology Co, a Baotou-based rare earth pigment developer, is to cooperate with Elion Resources Group on a rare earth environmentally-friendly pigment application development test base, with a strategic cooperation agreement signed.

Baotou-based truck manufacturer wins Cuban contract

Funded by seven companies including China North Industries Group, China North Industries Corporation, and Inner Mongolia Fir...