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New Baotou solid waste center put into use

The Baotou Aluminum Group Thermal Power Plant has made significant progress in its solid waste comprehensive utilization environmental protection project.

Strong technology and rich talents

Baotou has rich human resource and strong capacity of scientific research. A host of high-quality professional technicians and managers were trained and educated in the long history of Baotou being as an industrial city.

Low cost and prospect market

Compared with the developed cities in coastal areas, the cost of raw material and labors in Baotou are relatively low.

North Heavy Industries Group signed its 7th overseas order of 2019

Inner Mongolia North Heavy Industries Group Corp. LTD signed order with Zimbabwe electric power company.

Employment measures target college graduates

Baotou will launch targeted job fairs and enact preferential policies for startups, inorder to assist in the employment of college graduates.

North China's Baotou propels innovation achievements

Baotou city -- in North China’s Inner Mongolia autonomous region -- has made marked progress in its technological transformation and industrial upgrading, with a total of 70 transformation achievement projects unveiled in the city in 2019.

Major silicon energy project underway in Baotou city

The first phase of the Meike Silicon Energy Project is ready to ramp up to full production in Baotou -- North China’s Inner Mongolia autonomous region -- marking new progress in the city’s new energy industrial development.

Baotou high-tech district marks progress in innovation

The Baotou Rare Earth High-Tech Industrial Development Zone has stepped up cooperation between universities and companies, so as to boost the innovation capabilities of its resident enterprises.

Baogang Group hits output of 240 million tons of steel

Baogang Group, the largest iron and steel manufacturer based in North China’s Inner Mongolia autonomous region, has seen its annual total steel production rise to 240 million tons since its first batch of steel produced 60 years ago.

Foreign trade tanks to deliver

Two Foreign trade VT4 tanks will deliver from Inner Mongolia First Machinery Group Co.,LTD. to export.

Baotou commissions 31 key projects

Baotou city in North China’s Inner Mongolia autonomous region commissioned 31 key projects worth a total of 59.55 billion yuan ($8.41 billion), signed during a livestreaming investment promotion.

Key logistics park project resumes construction

Construction work on the Xin’ao Menghua Logistics Park Project -- one of 635 key projects in Baotou each worth 100 million yuan ($14.20 million) or above -- has resumed in the city in North China’s Inner Mongolia autonomous region.

Baogang supplies pipeline steel for Tangshan LNG Project

Some 55 percent of the high-grade pipeline steel currently being used in the CNPC Tangshan Liquefied Natural Gas Project is being produced by Baogang Group -- located in Baotou city in North China’s Inner Mongolia autonomous region.