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Baotou to add metal resource research institute

Bayan Obo mining district, Baotou, North China’s Inner Mongolia autonomous region, is planning to cooperate with Inner Mongolia University of Science and Technology on developing a research institute for multi-metal resource mining.

The scaled up Rare-earth industry

Rare earth is one of the most important resource of Baotou and is a business card of the city.

Baogang Group provides steel for Hohhot Metro

Baogang Group, an iron and steel State-owned enterprise based in Baotou, has been supporting construction work on the Hohhot Metro Line 1 and Line 2 projects, with 1,500 tons of steel supplied so far.

Baogang Group boosts sales with e-commerce platform

Baotou Group, the largest steel enterprise based in the northwestern region of China, has expanded its e-commerce operations with its first e-commerce platform launched last year to boost sales, according to a Nov 16 Baotou Daily report.

Rare earth battery project completed in Baotou

A rare earth power battery project with investments from Baotou Haoming Rare Earth New Power Technology Co has been completed recently with a ceremony held on Nov 17, reports Baotou Daily.

High-purity crystalline silicon project completed in Baotou

ested in by Inner Mongolia Tongwei High-purity Crystalline Silicon Co was completed in Baotou, North China’s Inner Mongolia autonomous region, with a ceremony held on Oct 31.

Darhan Muminggan Joint Banner confirms 88 key projects

Darhan Muminggan Joint Banner in Baotou, North China’s Inner Mongolia autonomous region, has confirmed a total of 88 key projects which are worth more than 100 million yuan ($15.85 million) each for 2018, according to a Sept 27 Baotou Daily report.

Jiuyuan district promotes investment

Jiuyuan district of Baotou, Inner Mongolia autonomous region, has increased its investment attraction, according to an Aug 24 Baotou Daily report.