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Baotou to boast new food street

Located in Jiuyuan district, Hengshu Street has been renovated and upgraded. The commercial space totals 30,000 square meters.

A taste of Baotou

Baotou specialties are mainly represented by beef, mutton and a variety of noodles. Many featured restaurants and delicacies are found in Gangtie Street, which is dubbed "the first street beyond the Great Wall".

These Chinese traditional food that you should never miss

Forum held in Baotou targets agritourism

The first forum in the Inner Mongolia autonomous region featuring the development of agritourism took place in Baotou on Dec 9.

Baotou snacks win national recognition

Shumai, also known as Shaomai, is a kind of traditional Chinese dumpling, which originated fromInner Mongolia autonomous region.

Baotou first cooking skills competition held

Baotou first cooking skills competition held on the first floor of Victory Mall held on November 11.

Baotou takes the biggest beefsteak cooking challenge

Baotou takes the biggest beefsteak cooking challenge on October 22.

Food recommendation: Shaomai

Alxa steamed buns


Mongolian boiled lamb

Mongolian milk tea

Milk tea can alleviate fatigue, stimulate the appetite, help digest, lower blood pressure, and prevent arteriosclerosis.

Mongolian diet

The The Mongolians' nomadic way of life determined their diet, which traditionally consisted mainly of the meat, milk and other dairy products provided by the livestock which they tended.