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Volunteer drivers help out Baotou gaokao candidates

A team of taxi drivers volunteers provided free rides for 132 gaokao candidates in Baotou city, in North China’s Inner Mongolia autonomous region, on July 7.

14686 students takes college entrance examination

14686 candidates in Baotou take the national college entrance exam, or gaokao, which begins today.

Big dreams in the little rocket

A water-rocket making and launching activity held in Baotou Science and technology of Baotou city children's Palace on July 2.

Class resumption dates confirmed for Baotou primary schools

The class resumption dates for the lower grades in primary schools and for off-campus training institutions for college entrance exams training in Baotou were recently released by the education bureau of the city.

Classes resume for students in North China’s Baotou

Schools in Baotou -- the city in North China’s Inner Mongolia autonomous region -- resumed classes for their 7th, 8th, 10th and 11th grade students on April 26, according to local media reports.

An oath-taking rally held in Baogang No 15 middle school

The teachers and students of Baogang No 15 middle school held an oath-taking rally for senior high school entrance examination.

Students read books on line

No 3 primary school of Northern Heavy Industry Group Co., Ltd. held on-line reading party.

School ensures a safe accommodation

No. 4 Senior High School has arranged multiple security precautions.

36 thousand students back to school

Over 36 thousand students and 3000 teachers in their final year of senior and junior high schools in China's Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region returned to school on Monday.

Hongchang school: We are ready for the school starts

Baotou Hongchang school organized live broadcast network teaching for each grade and each subjects.

Robot team entered the global finals

2019 Makeblock robot competition MAKE—X global finals kicks off in Asia Olympic gymnasium.

Student visit Baotou Fire Brigade

The primary school students visit Baotou Fire Brigade.

Chinese story Telling by the youth

A themed youth speech contest is held in Youth Development Center.

Outward bound exercise

The second community party branch of Hanqingba, Jiuyuan district and 5 Shahe primary schools joint development of extra-curricular training.

Jobs galore, as IMUST hosts employment fair

Graduates of Inner Mongolia University of Science and Technology trawled through lists of posted positions at a job fair held at IMUST on Nov 14.