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Baotou, lies in the northof North China, the middle of Inner Mongolia, is the hinterland of Bohai-Rim Economic Circle and the tri-angular Hohhot-Baotou-Ordos area. Through half acentury's unremitting efforts, Baotou's industry has grown out of nothing anddeveloped into a large-scale industrial zone. Now it has formed a modernindustrial and economic system with iron and steel, rare earth, aluminum,engineering, machinery, heavy-duty automobiles, electricity, textiles, leatherproducts and chemicals as its main sectors. All these industries have taken considerable place in both the local and national economy.

It is known as “the steelcity on prairie” and “the city of rare earth” because of its importance of being the manufacturing base of essential resources, raw material, rare earth,new coal chemical and equipment for Inner Mongolia autonomous region and thecountry. Consequently, Baotou is acknowledged as one of the 50 most suitablecities for development and investment in China.

Baotou is the second economy of the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, with a GDP value of RMB 363.63 billion in 2014, representing an 8.5% rise over the previous year, which accounts for approximately 20.46% of the province's total. Of this, the value-added of the primary industry was 10.07 billion yuan, up by 3.1%; the value-added of the secondary industry was 179.22 billion yuan, up to 9.9%; the value-added of the tertiary industry was 174.34 billion yuan, up to 7.2%. The value-added of the three industries accounts for 2.8%, 49.3% and 47.9% respectively. The per-capita GDP of Baotou reached130,676 yuan, up to 7.2%. The consumer price level rose by 1.8%. Among the eightcategories of commodities and services, the prices of seven categories trendingupwards while the prices of transportation and communication declined 1.4%.

Baotou Rare-earth Hi-tech Zone was built in 1990 and became a State-level new and high-tech zone with approval from the State Department. It is the exclusive State-level new and high-techzone in Inner Mongolia, which is the only one featured by rare earth among 53 State-level new and high-tech zones in China. The growth rate of key economic indicators of Baotou Rare-earth Hi-tech Zone remains over 30% ranked first among 47 industrial development zones in Inner Mongolia.

The planning area of Baotou Rare-earth Hi-tech Zone is 120 square kilometers. Now over 3600 enterprises registered in Rare-earth Hi-tech Zone, and among them there are 75 rare earthfirms, 22 listed companies and investment firms, 7 world's largest Fortune 500 companies, 39 foreign-invested firms and 53 new and hi-tech companies. In orderto promote technology innovation and develop the registered firms, priority is given to specialized incubators, such as software parks, rare earth enterprises, university technology parks, and innovation (venture) parks for students returned from abroad. Meanwhile, it has established sound supportive and service systems in variable aspects, such as finance, post and telecommunications, insurance, law, audit, accounting, which broadens theservice fields , strengthens the service function and improves the one-stopservice working mechanism. 

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