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Old times in the old newspapers

200 newspapers from 200 thousand old papers have fully demonstrated the development course and brilliant achievements.

Old Baotou intangible cultural heritage

Baotou intangible cultural heritage exhibition is held in Donghe cultural center.

Ten thousand Zither ensemble to challenge guinness

A guinness world records award ceremony held in Baotou.

“70 years and 70 cities reading activity” held in Baotou

“70 years and 70 cities reading activity” Baotou station opening ceremony held at Baotou.

 Celebration on the Journalists' Day

Baotou Daily held art performance.

Er ren tai history play staged in Baotou

A history play in the art form of er ren tai is staged at Baotou Manhan Art Theater in Baotou.

Baotou children’s musical to shine on CCTV 14

A children’s musical created by the Baogang Preschool Management Office is scheduled to be broadcast on CCTV 14, the Chinese free-to-air television channel which airs kids and youth-oriented programs.

Xikou culture communication

Zhang gui, Baotou Xikou Culture research expert give a lecture on Xikou Culture communication at Baotou Teacher’s College.

School course content drama kicks off

Baotou school course content drama kicks off in Baotou Youth development center.

Themed education poetry recitation contest

The 70th anniversary of the Founding of the People’s Republic of China poetry recitation contest held.

Golden and silver accessories exhibition held in Baotou

Beijing folk museum golden and silver accessories exhibition held at Baotou Museum.

Baotou library innovate new pattern provide better public culture service

Up to the end of October, the library has received 1 million readers.

Kids paint the beautiful new era

The first Children's themed painting and calligraphy competition held at Rare earth international hotel on October 13.

Square dancing competition

Baotou first heroine square dancing competition held at Arden Square on October 15.

“I love you China” Chorus competition comes to a successful conclusion

“I love you China”, a chorus competition comes to a successful conclusion in Darhan Muminggan Joint Banner.