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Autumn Swans appear in Lake Ulansuhai

The lake water is blue and the reed is golden.

Golden autumn

The temperature has dropped for days, the leaves turn golden.

Flowers attract people

September in Baotou, the air is clean and the scenery is pleasant.

Chunkun Mountain receives autumn tourists

Chunkun Mountain, located in Baotou, in North China’s Inner Mongolia autonomous region, stood ready to embrace the fall, the best season for sightseeing, on Aug 20.

Flowers bloom in Baotou high-tech district

An ocean of flowers has graced the Baotou Rare Earth High-Tech Industrial Development Zone in Baotou, North China’s Inner Mongolia autonomous region, after more than two months of careful cultivation and maintenance, Aug 7.

Young Baotou journalists visit Huangheyao scenic area

Young journalists visited a folk museum at Huangheyao scenic area in Baotou, North China’s Inner Mongolia autonomous region, Aug 8.

Summer lotus flowers enhance Arden Botanical Garden

A pond was filled to capacity with wonderful lotus flower blooms in Arden Botanical Garden in Baotou, Inner Mongolia autonomous region, on Aug 6.

Rainbow-colored sea of flowers welcomes visitors

Basking under the sun in Meidaizhao in Tumd Right Banner, Baotou, in Inner Mongolia autonomous region, is a tourist must-see in the form of a veritable sea of flowers.

Tumd Right Banner hosts apricot tourism festival

A colorful apricot tourism festival opened in Tumd Right Banner, Baotou, in North China’s Inner Mongolia autonomous region, on June 15.

Wudang Lamasery receives holiday tourists

Tourists visited the Wudang Lamasery to pray for health and good luck during the three-day holiday from June 7 to 9.

Huangheyao scenic area gains popularity among residents

Located in Jiuyuan district, Huangheyao scenic area is on its way to becoming a 3A-level scenic area.

Mysterious Jiufeng Mountain shrouded in clouds

The wispy clouds floated serenely over the peaks of Jiufeng Mountain, delicately covering the mountainsides on May 15.

Baotou scenic spot puts on dramatic live performance

A live performance featuring dramatic feats of horsemanship was staged at a scenic spot located in Darhan Muminggan Joint Banner, Baotou, in North China’s Inner Mongolia autonomous region, on May 17.

Baotou banner promotes tourism in Hohhot

Prancing performers from Darhan Muminggan Joint Banner, dressed in rich Mongolian costumes during a promotional event in Hohhot on April 16, struted their stuff.

Apricot blossoms boost tourism in Baotou

Dayantan, a scenic area located in Tumd Right Banner, is drawing tourists from the Hohhot-Baotou-Ordos city area -- in the wake of the official launch of its apricot tourism festival on April 10.