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Swans fly through Nanhai wetland

It becomes warmer, swans fly through Nanhai Wetland, Baotou.

Migrant birds settle in warm spring

Baotou Naihai wetland nature reserve welcomes the first batch of migratory birds.

Shimen scenic spot offers free entry for 2 months

Shimen scenic spot will offer free admission to tourists from Jan 1 to Mar 1 to boost tourism, according to a Jan 2 Baotou Daily report.

Nanhai Wetland scenic area wins national recognition

Nanhai Wetland scenic area has been selected as one of the 54 National Water Scenic Areas in China, according to a Dec 3 Baotou Daily report.

New scenic area in Tumd Right Banner

Colorful Land scenic area open to the public on September 16.

Mount Jiufeng joins Baotou’s tourist hotspots

September is the best season for traveling in Mount Jiufeng.

Beautiful scenery in Chunkun mountain

The beginning of autumn is a good season for Chunkun Mountain traveling.

Flowers decorate Baotou grassland

Flowers bloom on Xilamuren Grassland, a grassland located in the southeast area of Darhan Muminggan Banner of Baotou.

Nanhai wetland scenic offers free admission

Nanhai Wetland scenic area in Baotou, Inner Mongolia autonomous region, is to open to the public free of charge, with a ceremony held on July 15, reports Baotou Daily.

Baotou introduces ice and snow amusement park

Baotou is to add diversity to summer activities available in the city by introducing an amusement park featuring ice and snow, reports Baotou Daily.

Self-driving activity around Darhan Muminggan Joint Banner

Darhan Muminggan Joint Banner, rich in natural resource, thick history connotation and special human landscape and is a banner which is full of tourism resource.

Shiguai district seeks development through “all-for-one” tourism

The Shiguai district of Baotou has been selected as one of the demonstration areas for “all-for-one” tourism, according to a document released by the China National Tourism Administration.

Prunus blossom decorates Baotou

Residents view prunus blossoms in Dayantan scenic spot, Tumd Right Banner in April.

Pelicans take a perch at Nanhai Wetlands

A flock of Dalmatian pelicans was spotted at Nanhai Wetlands on April 12.

Inner Mongolia becomes a paradise for migratory birds

With a wide span of longitudes, Inner Mongolia boasts over 180 nature reserves and 49 national-level wetland parks, all of which attract flocks of migratory birds to perch there during the long journeys.