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Migratory bird transit through the Yellow River

Migratory bird transit through the Yellow River around Tumd Right Banner

Swans opt to spend spring in Baotou

As spring approaches, more and more swans have been seen around the city, with the birds feeding on straw and grain around the shoals. The swans are expected to stay in the area for around one month.

Baotou home to migratory birds

A flock of ruddy shelducks was pictured along the Yellow River in Baotou, North China’s Inner Mongolia autonomous region, Feb 24.

Tourism revenue hit 300 million yuan during the festival holiday

Baotou tourism market goes stable and orderly in the Spring festival holiday of 2019.

Baotou science museum reports strong visitor numbers

Baotou Science and Technology Museum has proven popular to be a popular attraction this year, with 160,000 people coming to see its exhibitions in 2018, according to a Baotou Evening news report.

Meilingeng scenic area tempts Spring Festival tourists

Staff at Meiligeng Scenic Area have been preparing the site for Spring Festival tourists, with this year being the first time that it has opened over China’s New Year holiday.

Winter fishing activity held at Huagetai

More than a dozen staff members pulled up a heavy net from the bottom of the lake during a winter fishing activity held at Huagetai in Baotou, north China’s Inner Mongolia autonomous region, on Jan 26.

Nanhai Wetland embraces ice and snow season

Tourists had fun taking part in ice and snow sports at an ice and snow festival opening at Nanhai Wetland Scenic Area in Baotou, North China’s Inner Mongolia autonomous region, on Jan 12.

The fifth Baotou winter fishing festival held

The winter tourism activities will last to the Chinese Spring Festival period.

Baotou science and technology is selected in the regional science popularization demonstration

The national AAA-level scenic area Baotou science and technology museum is on the list of the second science popularization demonstration base of Inner Mongolia autonomous region.

Young visitors flock to Baotou Ocean World

A series of special events were organized in Baotou city to help keep children entertained during the winter vacation.

Photo contest held to promote Wudang Lamasery

A total of 100 photographs were chosen for a photography contest hosted by the Chinese Photographers and Inner Mongolia Photographers’ Association, opening in Baotou recently, reports Baotou Daily.

Baotou adds 4A and 3A national scenic areas

25 scenic areas have fully achieved national 4A and 3A scenic area standards.

Photo contest documents Wudang Lamasery

Wudang Lamasery in Baotou, North China’s Inner Mongolia autonomous region, was pictured in this photo, Nov 29.

Baotou adds two national 2A-level scenic areas

Jiuquhuajie Art World and South Dragon King temple are rated as national 2A-level scenic areas.