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History of Baotou

In 1809 Baotou Town was set up.

Economy of Baotou

Baotou, lies in the north of North China, the middle of Inner Mongolia, is the hinterland of Bohai-Rim Economic Circle and the tri-angular Hohhot-Baotou-Ordos area.

Baotou banner records economic growth in Q1

Darhan Muminggan Joint Banner in Baotou, located in northern China’s Inner Mongolia autonomous region, recorded sound economic growth for the first quarter of 2019, with regional GDP showing a year-on-year increase of 5.5 percent.

Darhan Muminggan Joint Banner confirms 61 key projects for 2019

Darhan Muminggan Joint Banner, a banner under the administration of the city of Baotou, has confirmed 61 key projects for 2019 worth more than 100 million yuan ($14.86 million), according to the Baotou Daily.

Bayan Obo exhibition celebrates heroic sisters

An exhibition was staged in a special museum located in Bayan Obo mining district, in Baotou, located in North China’s Inner Mongolia autonomous region, to promote the inspirational actions of the heroic little sisters, Rongmei and Yurong.

Apricot blossoms boost tourism in Baotou

Dayantan, a scenic area located in Tumd Right Banner, is drawing tourists from the Hohhot-Baotou-Ordos city area -- in the wake of the official launch of its apricot tourism festival on April 10.


Leadership member of the Baotou municipal Party standing committee.