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History of Baotou

In 1809 Baotou Town was set up.

Economy of Baotou

Baotou, lies in the north of North China, the middle of Inner Mongolia, is the hinterland of Bohai-Rim Economic Circle and the tri-angular Hohhot-Baotou-Ordos area.

Baotou primary school adds music room

A new music room with 16 smart pianos was added at the Mongolian Primary School of Shiguai district in Baotou city, in North China’s Inner Mongolia autonomous region on Jan 7, according to a report in the Baotou Daily.

Busy logistic park

The second construction of the second phase of the project has completed and the commercial tenants have gradually entered.

Old Baotou intangible cultural heritage

Baotou intangible cultural heritage exhibition is held in Donghe cultural center.

Enjoy home service from family doctors

More and more residents of Jiu yuan district, Baotou have enjoyed the home service from family doctors.


Leadership member of the Baotou municipal Party standing committee.